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Here are some individuals and providers

that we commonly REFER to when necessary.

Please note that they are not apart of our office.

Their individual locations and phone numbers are listed below their names.

Dr. Matt Cowan, ND

Columbia Naturopathic Healthcare- 573-447-1225

2024 Cherry Hill Dr. ~ #101 ~ Columbia, MO 65203

Dr. Cowan is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and general family health care practitioner.  He received his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, located in Portland, Oregon.  The National College of Naturopathic Medicine is one of only four schools in the United States that is federally accredited and offers a four-year medical program in naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Cowan is an expert in alternative medicine and its use in combination with conventional therapies. Dr. Cowan's general family practice focuses on the management of both acute and chronic diseases.  The purpose of his care is not only to address an individual's symptoms, but more importantly to identify the cause of the symptoms.  Dr. Cowan uses nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, dietary and lifestyle counseling in his practice to address underlying causes of disease and to promote the body's abilities to heal itself.  Dr. Cowan also places a strong emphasis on disease prevention and patient education.

Dr. Cowan is committed to the individual needs of each patient.  An initial visit with Dr. Cowan lasts approximately two hours.  It consists of a thorough history, physical examination, assessment, and personalized therapeutic recommendations.  Dr. Cowan also utilizes laboratory testing when appropriate.  Patients are active participants in the care that they receive and are educated in adopting a proactive approach to promoting and maintaining health and wellness. 

Dr. Cowan owns Columbia Naturopathic Healthcare and can be reached at 573-447-1225 or visit his website at

D. Joseph Meyer, MD, PhD

Columbia Interventional Pain Center - 1-877-442-9686

305 N. Keene St. ~ #105 ~ Columbia, MO 65201

At Meyer Spine MD, board-certified pain specialist Dr. Joseph Meyer is your partner in the journey to pain relief. Since 2000 Dr. Meyer has helped thousands of patients in Missouri and surrounding states find long-lasting pain relief – patients of all ages and from all walks of life. He is the founding partner of a thriving multi-physician pain treatment group, as well as the CEO and founding partner of Surgery Center of Columbia, LLP, a multispecialty freestanding outpatient surgery center in Columbia, MO.

Accidents, sports, and simple every day chores can result in back, neck or joint injuries.  Dr. Meyer’s treatments are tailored to rapidly INTERVENE to stop your pain and allow faster and better healing, preventing a long lasting pain problem or need for surgery.

Since 2010, Dr. Meyer has played a leading role in collaborative groundbreaking work using marrow cellular disc injections for the treatment of back pain of discogenic origin. Dr. Meyer is one of only a few physicians in the entire Midwest performing the cellular disc injection procedure. His initial work was presented at the American Association of Pain Medicine 2013 national meeting.

You can visit Columbia Interventional Pain Center at


Phillip Smith, PT

Peak Sport and Spine - 573-443-0225

2902 Forum Blvd. ~ #104 ~ Columbia, MO 65203

Other locations available in and around Columbia

We refer patients to Phillip at Peak Sport and Spine for Physical therapy services.  They have always provided excellent care to our patients. You may visit their website at


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