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Auto Accident Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage & Reimbursement for Auto Injuries:

Payment Options for Auto Accidents:

3rd Party's Insurance: if you have been injured by another driver, AND their insurance admits liability for the accident then we MAY be able to bill the other party's insurance.  We will need an active claim number, and the name and contact information for the claims adjuster handling the case

Med Pay:  If you are involved in an accident in which you are at fault or involves no other driver (e.g. hit a deer, or inanimate object) then Med Pay may be an option for coverage, assuming that you have medical coverage on your insurance policy

Attorney:  If you have an attorney that you have retained then we will require all of their contact information and your care will be provided under a third-party lien, in which we will provide credit for the care rendered on your account until you are released from care.  At this point your attorney will handle the collection of all outstanding bills related to your treatment in office.

Health Insurance:  If you have health insurance, you can go this route instead of the previous methods.  However, this is assuming that you have active coverage, and you will be responsible for all copays and deductibles during the course of your care.  It is at your discretion whether to submit to health insurance or not, and this may not always be the best option.

Out-of-Pocket:  Of course you can always pay for care out of pocket via cash, check, or debit / credit card if the other avenues are not an option

Office Policies Regarding Auto Accident Cases:

Conditions required for us to accept your case:

1. If you do NOT have an attorney, then you must not have more than a 30 day gap in treatment unless you plan to pay out of pocket or use health insurance.  Meaning if you have been in an accident, then you must see us for care within 30 days in order for us to be able to bill the auto insurance.

2. If you DO have an attorney retained, then you should not have more than a 90 day gap in treatment in most cases if you plan to have auto insurance cover your treatment.

3.You will be given a recommended appointment schedule. If you miss more than 3 scheduled appointments then you will be immediately released from care and you will be responsible to pay the balance due.  This is because if an insurer sees a gap in treatment they will assume you are recovered from your injuries and will NOT pay for your treatment.  This is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your scheduled appointments.

4. If you miss an appointment and you have not presented for care or called us within 10 days to make further arrangements, then your case will be closed and you will be discharged from care.  Your account balance will be due in full at this point.

5. If you change attorneys, or if your current attorney decides to not represent you any longer, then you will be required to notify us within 5 days of this occurrence. Failure to due so will result in your case being closed and your account will be due in full at this point.

Starting care in our office means that you will abide by these policies. 


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