Functional Medicine

Common Functional Medicine Questions

1) What is Functional Medicine?  Functional medicine is an integrative, whole person, systems-based approach to diagnosing and treating patients' health care needs.  Functional medicine places a strong emphasis on prevention versus merely treating symptoms in a reactive manner.  Labs and other patient testing is often viewed through a different lens than conventional medicine. This means that optimal lab range are sought rather than being forced to accept that you are "fine" or "in-range" along with the average of sick individuals visiting the lab in your locality.

2) What training has Dr Johnson received in Functional Medicine?  In addition to holding a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr Johnson also has earned his Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, OR in 2017.  Dr Johnson has been in private practice as a chiropractic physician since 2008.

3) What are some of the common health issues that Dr Johnson works with?  Dr Johnson works with many different issues, but most commonly he works with the following: Digestive issues, IBS, Food Sensitivities, Fatigue / Low energy, Hormonal imbalances, Peri- and post menopausal symptoms, Metabolic syndrome, Vitamin Deficiencies, Adrenal Fatigue (HPA axis dysfunction), Thyroid issues, Brain Fog

4) Does Dr Johnson accept insurance for Functional Medicine?  No, unfortunately we are not able to accept insurance for functional medicine services. Dr Johnson offers very competitive pricing for his services as well as discounted rates for common lab analysis.

5) What types of lab testing does Dr Johnson offer?  Our office has a wholesale agreement with Quest labs, and is able to offer deeply discounted lab rates for all common types of laboratory testing (blood, urine, stool). Dr Johnson also uses two different mail-order Lab companies for specialized testing.  Those are through DiagnosTechs, and Genova.  They offer very in-depth stool analysis, more detailed hormone analysis, as well as food sensitivity testing (for example).

6) How much do the labs cost?  The common labs used all have set pricing as determined by Quest.  Each test code has its own price and the cost will vary depending on the amount of tests ordered.  Dr Johnson will be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate before you get your labs drawn. A decently large panel of tests can be done for around $200, on average.  If these were ran through insurance the price could be several thousand dollars due to the high degree of mark-up.  Tests through the mail-order companies, DiagnosTechs and Genova, are all priced according to which test kit is ordered, and then we add $30 per test kit used.  For example, Genova's 30 food sensitivity panel is $150 for the completed test kit plus our $30 processing fee, so $180 total.  This is in addition to the cost of the office visit with Dr Johnson.

7) How much are functional medicine visits?  New Patient Functional Medicine Visits are $100. Follow-ups are $50.  Prices are the same whether over the phone or in person. 

8) What should I do to prepare for my first appointment?  Please bring any copies of previous relevant lab testing to your visit.  You will be asked to complete a detailed intake form prior to the visit.  It is a good idea to fast 8 hours before the visit in case labs will be drawn on the same day.

9) How do I schedule my first appoinment?  You may call the office at 573-447-0841, email at, or Book Online by clicking HERE.


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