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Auto Accidents

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Frequently Asked Questions about Automobile Accidents

Q: Do I have to go to a medical doctor prior to receiving care at your clinic?

A: No.  After the accident, of course, you may wish to receive medical services at the Emergency Room.  However, if you were released with injuries such as whiplash, it would be unnecessary to visit an M.D. prior to receiving chiropractic care.  Dr. Johnson will carefully evaluate the extent of your injuries in order to make sure that there isn't a need for care outside of what he can provide.  If Dr. Johnson recognizes that you need additional help, he will refer you to the appropriate medical provider.

Q: How long will it take to feel better?

A:  This depends on the extent of your injuries, as well as as several other factors.  Typically, pain relief will be noticed within the first 1-3 treatments.  However, your condition will not be fully healed at this point.  Whiplash actually is a folk term for "sprain in your neck", which means that ligaments are torn and injured.  Torn ligaments take a moderate amount of time to heal since they inherently possess a poor blood supply.  As a rule of thumb, ligaments require anywhere from 16-24 weeks to heal to their pre-accident state in most cases.  It will not take that long to feel relief, however.  As your body heals, you will progressively feel better.

Q:  What types of treatment can Dr. Johnson provide?

A:  Dr. Johnson is a licensed chiropractor, and has the ability to provide many different treatments, depending on what is felt to be the best for your condition.  One type of treatment that is often of prime importance in Whiplash Injuries is Chiropractic Adjustments (aka Manipulation).  When the spine is injured in an auto accident, it can cause the joints of the neck and back to be "locked-up" in a painful position.  Chiropractors are trained to locate these areas of lost motion and to provide a procedure called an Adjustment.  Chiropractic Adjustments restore the normal function and motion to your spinal joints.

Additionally, Dr. Johnson can provide physiotherapy, myofascial release, acupuncture, and spinal rehab services.

Q:  What if I need X-rays after the auto accident?

A:  Our Clinic uses Advanced Radiology for our radiology services.  X-rays can be ordered  when deemed appropriate by Dr. Johnson.  If X-rays are ordered, the results of the X-rays will be shown and explained to you before any treatment is provided.

If you would like to have the cause of your whiplash injury corrected, please call our Columbia, MO chiropractic clinic to schedule an appointment.   573-447-0841

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Whiplash Injuries

Many people have suffered as a result of Auto Accidents.  A very common typeWhiplash Chiropractor in Columbia, MO of injury that can occur as a result of an auto accident is a condition known as Whiplash.  Whiplash occurs when the neck is jolted back and forth during the accident.  Initially the head and neck will be thrown towards the side of impact, and as the crash comes to an end the head and neck will rebound and be thrown back to the opposite side.  This "jarring" of the neck can cause tearing of the supporting muscles and ligaments and can cause the joints of the neck to become injured, and "locked" into the painful position. 

The majority of auto accidents produce a range of mild to moderately severe degrees of Whiplash.  Individuals with whiplash can have neck pain, headaches, numbness or pain the travels into the arms and/or fingers, dizziness, stiffness, and soreness.  

Fortunately for patients, chiropractic physicians, like Dr. Johnson, are well-versed in the treatment of whiplash injuries, and provide treatment for Auto Accident Injuries in our Columbia, MO Clinic. 


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