Q1: Are you still open?

A1: Yes, Dr Johnson is still seeing patients during this stressful time for our families and our nation.  We plan to remain open during this entire time that COVID-19 is an active threat. We may alter our hours slightly during this time, but please know that if you call us and leave a message during closed times or if you send us an email Dr Johnson will contact you as soon as possible to ensure that you needs are met.

Q2:  Are chiropractors considered "essential"?

A2:  According to the "stay at home" ordinance put in place by the City of Columbia and Boone County, chiropractors meet the legal definition of an "essential healthcare operation".  More specifically, the City's ordinance states that all "doctor's offices" are "essential".  Chiropractic offices are considered "doctors offices" because they are operated by Doctors of Chiropractic whom are licensed as chiropractic physicians in the State of Missouri.  Additionally, The Department of Homeland Security (Federal Government) has referred to chiropractic physicians as "essential critical infrastructure workers".

Q3: Is it safe to come in still?

A3: While deciding whether to keep seeing your doctor during this time can be a tough decision for many, please rest assured that Dr Johnson is taking all the necessary precautions.  The last thing we want is for our patients or our families to get sick.  While we have always held a high cleanliness standard, we have expanded on that.  All symptomatic patients are asked to not come until they are properly screened and cleared of an active COVID-19 infection.  Our treatment tables are disinfected between every patient and we alternate two different cleaning solutions in order to prevent resistant strains of viruses or bacteria.  Dr Johnson has always believed in the health benefits of thorough hand washing, and will continue to do so more than ever.  We also have been opening windows and doors during lunch hours in order to encourage fresh air flow which deters viruses from lingering.

Q4:  What are chiropractors doing during this time to help with the pandemic?

A4:  Chiropractic physicians provide natural primary care as well as first-contact health care to their patients.  Some may view chiropractic care as being for only for tight muscles or a stiff back and will therefore view chiropractic care as being optional or nonessential.  However, chiropractors are trained to diagnose, treat, and triage neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  Many patients depend on chiropractic care in order to keep them functional and healthy.  In states where chiropractic offices were asked to closed, patients cannot access the care they need and they may become dependent on prescription opioids.  According to the CDC, "from 1999–2018, almost 450,000 people died from an overdose involving any opioid...".  Additionally the CDC states that 128 people die every day from opioid use.  Even if opioids are not used, patients in pain that cannot seek chiropractic care in those states will be forced to go the ER where they will likely be given little help due to the priority given to COVID-19 patients currently.  A back ache is annoying and painful enough for patients.  However, patients that are suffering from disc hernations, sciatica, nerve pain, migraines headaches, and degenerative disc disease can experience severe amounts of pain and depend upon the skilled care by their chiropractic physicians to remain functional and healthy.  It is for these reasons that chiropractic is an essential service providing care on the front lines of this current pandemic.


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