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Infertility affects thousands of women every year.  While there are many underlying causes to this problem, the end result is the same, being unable to successfully conceive.  Medical treatment for infertility can include medications (such as Clomid) and / or in-vitro fertilization (IVF).  The down side of Clomid is the potential side-effect of forming ovarian cysts.  IVF is a slightly more invasive and costly method.  IVF is also much less of an intimate method than being to create a child on your own with your partner.

It has often been said that if you "make a healthy mom, she will make a healthy baby."  This is completely true.  Although simplistic, if the mother has underlying health issues that are not dealt with, it can become very difficult for her to carry a pregnancy to full term.  That is where what we offer in our clinic comes into play; through different treatment methods we work to help put the mother's body back into balance.  Once this balance, or "homeostasis" is restored,  the odds of being able to successfully conceive and carry that pregnancy to term become exponentially greater.

Natural Treatments for Infertility

Chiropractic adjustments:  The function of a women's ovaries and uterus is controlled by the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that branch out from between the spinal bones (aka vertebra).  If any of these joints become "stuck" (aka fixated) in an incorrect position, it can cause irritation to the nearby nerves.  If the nerves are irritated, it can prevent the normal messages created by the brain, from reaching their destination, such as the uterus or ovaries.  Ovaries that are deprived of a healthy "nerve signal" may not ovulate properly.  A uterus that does not get its normal nerve signal, may not allow the fertilized egg (zygote) to implant properly.  This process of spinal joints becoming misaligned and "stuck", and then causing nerve irritation is known as subluxationChiropractic adjustments gently and effectively remove subluxations so that the body's nerves can function properly.  Properly functioning nerves allows your body to operate at its full potential.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine: Your body has an energy called "Qi" that circulates through pathways called "meridians".  Due to either stress, injury, poor diet, and / or sedentary lifestyle the energy in the body can become "blocked".  If the energy in your body does flow properly, symptoms of ill health and disease can result.  Precise Acupuncture, and Chinese herbals that are properly prescribed, help to restore the normal energy flow in the body.  Once this energy flow is restored, the body's function will begin to normalize and health problems and disease will begin to go away. 

Nutritional Therapy:  You don't just need a prenatal vitamin!  Actually, many of the prenatal supplements sold in chain-stores are full of binders and are tough to absorb.  More over, the form of each of the vitamins is usually in the cheapest  least bioavailable (usable by the body) form.   It may "seem" less expensive than pharmaceutical grade nutrients used in your chiropractic physician's office, but if you are not absorbing the vitamins, it doesn't matter how affordable the supplements are!  Dr. Johnson  uses different nutritional supplements with his patients that help to ensure the health of the mother, as well as that of the developing baby.  While a prenatal vitamin may not be a bad idea, there are other nutrients that can be used additionally to increase the chances of conceiving.

In our clinic, we ultimately use a holistic approach that incorporates some or even all of these treatment methods when working infertility patients.  By addressing all the factors that may be affecting the mother's health, we are able to help provide the best outcomes possible.  If you would like more information on how our clinic can help you, please call to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Johnson; 573-447-0841.


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