What to Expect

At Johnson Chiropractic & Holistic Health Center, our office is different!  Dr Johnson provides an individualized, one-on-one approach with his patients.  When you schedule an appointment with us we reserve that time specifically for you and your needs.  We do our best to run on time, and 90% of the time you will be seen exactly at your scheduled appointment time.  Additionally, we never double book appointment slots!

You Will Only Be Recommended the Amount of Care That You Need

When you come in to see a healthcare provider, you are expecting that provider to recommend the amount and type of care that will best help resolve your issues.  Unfortunately, some patients have encountered offices where they are "up-sold" or an effort is made to sell them on a large care package.  While we believe that routine chiropractic care can benefit everyone, we also understand that not everyone is seeking that for themselves.  That is why Dr Johnson will tell how much treatment you specifically need, and your treatment will be tailored to you individually.  You will never feel "forced" to come in for care.  It is our belief that your results from treatment should speak for itself.  If you notice that treatment is helping, you will likely want to continue care so that you can resolve your problems.

We Don't Require Every New Patient to Get X-rays

On the first chiropractic visit, a complete health history and exam will be conducted specific to your health concerns.  For chiropractic care we do not "require X-rays" for every patient that comes through our door, which is in-line with the guidelines from the American Academy of Family Physicians.  There are cases where X-rays may be required to make sure that the treatment you receive is as safe as possible.  Situations where this may arise would include recent substantial trauma, such as car accident or a fall from a great height etc.  If your exam findings point to any clinical red flags, then X-rays or other imaging will be recommended prior to starting care.  However, over 90% of the time we are able to start with some sort of treatment without undergoing X-rays initially when this is not the case. 

We Almost Always Are Able to Adjust on the First Visit

As mentioned above, as long as there are no clinical red flags or contraindications to treatment present, Dr Johnson is usually able to deliver treatment on the first visit.  Some offices require patients to wait until the 2nd or 3rd visit to receive treatment so that they can be sold on the care they are about to receive.  This is not our practice, because we understand that you have chosen us so that we can help give you the much needed relief you deserve.  For that reason we like to try to help you on Day 1 of care, so that you don't have to suffer any longer than necessary.

You Will Be Told How Much Your Care Will Cost and How Long It Will Take, Up Front

Based on his over 15 years of experience, Dr Johnson will give his best estimate as to how many visits will be required for your condition.  He will also give you a good idea as to how much your care will cost, and if insurance is expected to be of assistance.  Based off that information, he will be able to present to you the option that makes the most sense for your situation.

Scheduling Follow-up Appointments Is Simple

You can either call, email, and book online. You can book online 24/7 through our website, just go to www.Johnson-Chiro.com and click "Book Now".  When you select a day, you will see all of the current open appointments.  Remember that we do not double book appointments, so the time reserved will be specifically for you. 


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